Why Handmade?

Ever thought why your skin feels so dry and stretchy after a bath?

Well, most of the commercial soap manufacturers harvest the glycerin(a byproduct generated in the process of soap making) to be sold separately since it is a very valuable ingredient in making moisturizers, lotions and a variety of other products. This leaves the soap only laden with harmful chemicals that are used to increase its shelf-life and make it really hard and long lasting. All these soaps will leave your skin feeling stretchy, dry and lifeless. 

What is the harm in buying commercial skin-care products?

Next time you buy a commercially produced soap, go through the ingredients and you will realize for yourself how chemical laden they actually are. Several such soaps and body care products contain ingredients like quaternium-15, Formaldehyde, Triclosan, which are known for their carcinogenic(cancer causing) properties, hence leaving you exposed to harmful chemicals! Remember, you skin is porous and absorbs a good amount of substances applied on it. 

So, why handmade? Why Tiki-Ah!

Handmade body care products are very different from commercial products because they rely on natural ingredients rather than laboratory made chemicals that are nothing but synthetic imitations of the real things. All the products that I make contain vegetable-grade oils that are known to excellent properties for the skin and they do not contain any added preservatives or harsh chemicals.

At Tiki-Ah! we handcraft each of our products in small batches and with utmost care to ensure that we use only high quality ingredients. All our products are rich in natural oils and vegetable grade glycerin. Sure, that they are priced higher than other options available in the market, but we have pledged not to compromise on quality. And since we so firmly believe in coexistence, we do not support animal testing and all our products are vegan-friendly!



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